Cool Roofs

NYC °CoolRoofs is a collaboration between NYC Service, the NYC Department of Buildings and the Community Environmental Center to promote and facilitate the cooling of New York City’s rooftops. Broadway Stages and the Argento family are proud to have provided one of their Greenpoint roofs as part of NYC °CoolRoofs.

Broadway Stages is learning a lot about Cool Roofs from the NYC Department of Buildings.  A Cool Roof is more than just a roof that is painted white. A Cool Roof reduces the amount of energy absorbed by the roof, which helps lower a building’s temperature and cuts energy costs. Cool Roofs are a low-cost way to cool New York City.  Applying a reflective surface to a roof helps reduce cooling costs, cut energy usage and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

PlaNYC likes Cool Roofs because they fight the urban heat island effect. Broadway Stages likes Cool Roofs because they reduce the overall temperature in the neighborhoods, as well as the amount of energy and money it takes to cool the sound stages.