Rooftop Farming

Broadway Stages believes in urban agriculture. Providing food for the community, improving the air, keeping buildings temperate and reducing stormwater run-off are just a few reasons that Broadway Stages has used rooftop farming as part of its approach to enhancing its facilities.

Broadway Stages Rooftop Farms

  • Broadway Stages built the first-ever, year-round, fully operational organic rooftop garden in New York City.
  • Broadway Stages’ soundstage at 222 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (containing 11,000 square feet of stages, 20,000 square feet of photo studios and 20,000 square feet of support space) is covered by an energy efficient, bio-diverse green roof, which grows organic produce that is sold to local restaurants.
  • During New York City’s growing season, the farmers at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm supply a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, an onsite farm market, and bicycle fresh produce to area restaurants.
  • In partnership with the food education organization Growing Chefs, the rooftop farm hosts a range of farm-based educational and volunteer programs for the neighborhood school children.