Solar Roofs

Broadway Stages has created the world’s first solar panel powered sound stage and is currently completing the largest privately placed solar power installation in New York State

Broadway Stages, New York's premier Film and Television Production facility, has made an unparalleled commitment to renewable energy by installing 50,000 square feet of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the roof-tops of seven of their sound stages in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Broadway Stages, home to CBS Emmy award-winning TV series, The Good Wife, is making a powerful financial and environmental impact on this Greenpoint Brooklyn community. By going solar, Broadway Stages has seized the opportunity to offset 30% of their annual electricity consumption, while realizing a short-term return on their investment.

Facing rising utility costs coupled with their expanded business plan, Broadway Stages’ executives Tony and Gina Argento needed to reduce their operation’s dependence on the NYC electric-power grid. Chris Timbrell from Greenpoint Energy Partners introduced the concept of using solar energy as an alternative to traditional utility-provided electricity and linked Broadway Stages with a local, Brooklyn-based solar power integrator (Solar Energy Systems, LLC), and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to develop a comprehensive energy plan for Broadway Stages to generate their own power. The plan begins with seven solar PV systems, and continues to grow their renewable portfolio as future stage roofs become available.

The solar photovoltaic (PV) system designed, engineered, and installed by SES will produce one-third of Broadway Stages’ annual power demand. John Salmon, Director of Business Development for Solar Energy Systems (SES) states, “This system will produce half a million kilo-watt hours each year –delivering close to $100,000 in electrical cost savings for Broadway Stages annually. It will offset 822,000 lbs of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of planting over 8500 street trees in this community. These meaningful results illustrate the powerful return on investment from harnessing energy from the sun.” In addition to the seven installed solar systems, Broadway Stages and SES are in the design and engineering phase for systems to be installed on in-construction additions to the Broadway Stages campus.

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These steps taken have resulted in:

  • Production of more than 500,000 kWh of clean solar electricity per year
  • 905,000lb of CO2 eliminated, the equivalent to:
  • 3 acres of forest preserved from deforestation, or elimination of burning 3 railcars of coal
  • 76 cars removed from the road for one year
  • 955 less barrels of oil burned
  • Improvement in air quality by preventing 3,071 lbs of sulfur dioxide pollution per year
  • Increasing reliability of electric grid during times of peak demand